Friday, September 7, 2012

Indian Spicy Kitchen @ I-35 and Parmer

Today, we had to adventure to a different type of food. After a heavy preference of Tex-Mex and Hamburger places, ALR went for Indian food. Indian Spicy Kitchen offers an all you can eat buffet for $9.99.

At the time we arrived, the restaurant was almost empty. However, by the time we left a little past 12:30pm the place was busy. We were sited on a nice table decorated with a flower and covered with a white linen cover. We ordered water and got ready to eat.
The buffet bar included salad/fruit at the beginning, followed by several entrees and sides, and completed with three different desserts. All trays were well served and the food was at the right temperature.
I’m not an expert on the names or ingredients of most of the dishes that tried. However, from the cucumber salad which has a very spicy flavor, to the curry on the different chicken and goat presentations, to the diversity of sides and veggies and closing with the dessert options, everything was great. Some of my favorites were the spinach, chicken peas, and chicken curry and masala. I found a lot of flavor on all of them as well as distinctive flavors. The bread arrived warm and it was a delicious complement to our food. At the end, the rice pudding was my favorite. Overall the flavor was great and it is really above the average.

The overall flavor for an all you can eat buffet which includes a series of dishes that are of a special cuisine makes it right on. However, the service is just fair and the place is very common. We had a great lunch and we’ll probably go back again.

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