Friday, September 14, 2012

QLR: Pei Wei @ N IH-35 and Parmer Ln

Quick Lunch Review for Pei Wei at TechRidge North Austin location. This location is on the same plaza with Chick-Fil-A, Sears, and Target.
What did I order? Dinner Select Mandarin Kung Pao Chicken, brown rice with a spring roll. For less than $7.00, you get a good size lunch full of flavor. I especially liked the combination of vegetables with the nice add-on of peanuts.

  • Good quality food with full flavor and taste
  • A great option of less than $7 which includes white or brown rice, six different options for an entrĂ©e, and spring roll, Asian slaw or cup of soup
  • Some other perks are cup to go for your drink, lemon and oranges for water, and food delivered to your table.

  • Sometimes there are long lines at lunch peak hours, try to get earlier
  • Lunch may become expensive if you go out of the Dinner Selects. You can easily get to a $10 lunch with a different option.

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