Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Going Back: La Palapa @ US E Hwy 290

After our last low TAVS rating visit, it was a little difficult to get back. However, here we were ALR was once again sitting at La Palapa. This was a little different since now were sited on the main restaurant area rather than the cantina.

The food was of the same quality, flavor and quantity which mean a middle of the table rating good. We had a pleasant lunch and all the food came promptly. If you had an opportunity to read last review, the main problem was the service at the end when we were waiting for our check. Unfortunately, this time we ran into something similar. At the end, we had to go to the cashier to pay in order to make things happened. It took several minutes for the check to be re-created since it was somehow no on the system.
In summary, for the second time on a row, La Palapa has been deficient with the check process. Their food is an average Tex-Mex food selection and their value is Ok. For these reasons, their TAVS has not change holding at 2.8.

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