Friday, August 17, 2012

hopdoddy Burger Bar @ Anderson & Burnet

hopdoddy is one of those places on the Austin area benefiting of a current hype. They offer gourmet burgers with many different options that drive long waiting lines for lunch. We arrived before noon and were lucky enough to have a very short line before we got to order our lunch. In fact, we were just trying to figure out the process to order when we were already ordering. I have to say that there is more than one burger that I would like to try from the menu. Their burger options have many intriguing combinations that sound very good and invite you to try.
The ordering process was very easy and straight forward and we got assigned our table. They have an interesting hybrid model in between a fast food restaurant where you order at the cashiers and a waitress later assist you with refills or anything else after this first order. The environment of the restaurant is spacious and very pleasant to the eye. They have a modern metro-style d├ęcor with good color combinations and furniture. It may not be an Austinite weird type place but it is definitively unique and well done.
Our food arrived after a short wait and we proceed to eat. I ordered the “Llano Poblano” Burger which I food very tasty and I liked a lot. The poblano pepper is definitively a Mexican chile that has a lot of flavor with a little spice and it is a better option than the pimiento pepper. The meat was definitively of a high quality and it had a very good size. Unfortunately, the fries were just Ok. They were not as crisp as I prefer to have them and they were just an add-on that doesn’t stand for the extra cost that you have to add to your lunch. They are not included with the burger so it is an extra $2.25 that rockets your lunch well above $10 after you add a drink. My friends ordered “Primetime” and “Magic Shroom” which they also like them a lot.
By the time we were eating our food, the line outside was long and they had to control it to make sure we were not crowded inside. This was appreciated since many places don’t think on controlling their number of people inside the building making it sometimes just uncomfortable to eat when it is packed. In summary, this is another place with great burgers on the area. They have unique combinations that may one day drive me back to try a different one. However, for lunch this is an expensive proposition that doesn’t correspond to the overall value when you add fries and a drink.

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