Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Catfish Parlour @ 183 N Austin

Catfish Parlour is definitively one of the icons of Austin since 1973. They have a fantastic lunch option that it is hard to beat. Every weekday, there is a different offering of veggies and sides (which are posted on their web site) that you choose from and self-serve. Even though, this may be plenty to eat for some people due to the amount of options, you complement your plate with three sizes available of catfish plates or popcorn shrimp. I personally have always ordered the small plate which includes three fried catfish fillets which they can be either spicy, natural or a mix of them. The cost of my lunch (small catfish plate and water) was less than $10.

This is one of those lunch places where you can have a balanced meal that includes food from all the major food groups that we should be eating regularly plus some tasty fried add-ons such as fries and incredible hushpuppies. Let’s not forget that they also have a bonus and unique feature which is their tartar sauce which is mixed with jalapenos that you can have for your fish or fries.

During our visit, even though there was a line of about 10 persons in front of us, it move quickly and in few minutes we were preparing our plates. There was no problem finding a table which this location provides plenty of space. The service was prompt to ask for our drink selection but she failed to check our waters and teas for refill. We pretty much finished eating when she came back to refill our cups. This was really the only weak point (minor but defective) of our visit which we will have to give it a second try on the future.
Finally, Catfish Parlour is one of those restaurants where you can appreciate a true Austinite ambiance where weird, unique and vintage gets combined in one place. This is why I considered a true icon on this aspect and it is definitively worth of our highest score on this category.
On today's ALR R&D visit with missed one of the pillars of this project. To our friend Jim, we wish that you recover soon and hopefully on the very near future you are back to join us to provide your experience and knowledge on food and service. Get Well!!

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  1. Guys- thanks for the well-wishes! I am totally jealous that you guys went and ate at one of my all-time favorites while you KNEW I was relegated to green bean juice at the hospital. : )

  2. thanks for sharing.


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