Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dos Batos @ Anderson Ln and Burnet

Dos Batos (Two Guys) specializes on wood fired smoked tacos and tortas (a type of Mexican sandwich). At the time ALR arrived, the line was short and we were able to order in few minutes. Their menu is simple and is basically divided in tacos and tortas. I ordered a quesosteak torta while the rest of my friends ordered the pirata taco. My torta came on a plastic basket with few chips and green salsa. The tacos are served on a similar way unless you ordered the combo which included charro beans and a drink.

 We all were pleasantly surprised by the great flavor of the steak. Their wood fired smoky technique is really above the rest giving it a tender, juicy, and distinguished flavor to the food. All our selections included avocado which is a must on most of the Mexican cuisine. My torta included cheese which was very well integrated with the steak and the bread had a definitively buttery flavor at each bite. In the case of the tacos, they were quickly consumed and Big Jay decided to go for a second one. Based on the feedback from some of the ALR reviewers, the charro beans were not the best ones because they were not pinto or black beans. The green salsa that came with my torta had a good spicy flavor which I enjoyed.

Dos Batos is a simple place with a straight forward setup of tables. It looks that the extra-large mural that is painted on one of the walls tried to add some decoration and at the same time is disconnected. The place didn’t reach a specific style and it can be called a very common place on this category.
The service is a little above the norm of a fast food restaurant since you order the food at the cashier and they bring it to your table. They also picked up your baskets and clean up the table for you. Overall the value was oh, well a little expensive. A $7.95 taco or torta even with that fabulous steak is still expensive for the overall value expected on a lunch. A combo which included the beans and a drink pushed the lunch to $9.99.

In summary, Dos Batos has definitively good tacos and tortas. Their steaks are juicy and full of wood fired smoky flavor. Unfortunately, the place is missing personality and their overall value is not there. This is a difficult area that other tacos places are struggling too.

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