Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q @ E Hwy 290

Is Bill Miller a fast food restaurant with enough locations to deserve a QLR (Quick Lunch Review) rather than a full review? This was a topic of conversation among ALR friends during our visit to it. We decided that a full review will be better in order to fairly highlight some of the strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, let’s start from the beginning asserting that Bill Miller doesn’t have the best Bar-B-Q in town. There are other well-known places that fight for this honor. This is the main reason for the low scores on other review sites such as urbanspoon. However, Bill Miller has a consistent menu with several options that you normally don’t find anywhere.Therefore, this is our taken on this place.

They are setup as fast food restaurant where you order at the cashiers and they have pre-established combos such as Poor Boy sandwich, selection of meats (brisket, sausage, ham) and sides, fried chicken, salads among other options all of them accompanied with a large tea or soda. In this occasion, I ordered the brisket Poor Boy sandwich with Spanish rice and an un-sweetened tea. One of the great features of Bill Miller is the free self-served bar of offerings to complement your food. You can add pickles, “pico de gallo”, sour cream, butter, and/or bread (French or Rye). Also, the ice tea is very good always with a consistent flavor and available sweet, half-half, or un-sweet.

A friend ordered the brisket with three sides which is a complete balanced meal that offered a better and healthier option than a fast-food combo from any other fast-food chain. You can balance your food with Spanish rice, pinto beans, green beans, smash potatoes, Cole slaw, hash browns or the always popular fries. Where could you get this variety of sides when you are eating at any other fast-food restaurant? This is one of the things that I like the most. One of these combos allows anyone to eat a meal that is not just a burger and fries. To complete your lunch if you want to add a sweet, they offer pecan pie, meringue pie, fudge brownies and peach cobbler.

The restaurant is nicely decorated with a Texan motif of ranch related gadgets and taxidermy. This creates a unique environment consistent with their food. The service is above average since this is one of those strange restaurants where you can leave your tray and they will clean it after you. This is now a luxury based on today standard from other fast-food restaurants where you are expected to clean up and throw your trash.
In summary the overall value of the lunch is hard to beat. For less than $7 you get your Poor Boy sandwich and drink with $1 more you get a brisket with three sides and a drink (this is a full meal). The place is nicely decorated to fit the Texan Bar-B-Q on the menu and their people are always friendly and ready to serve you.
By the way, the offer drive-thru car line at this location as well as excellent brisket breakfast tacos that are available in the morning.

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