Friday, July 27, 2012

Brick Oven @ Braker and 183

So, the Austin Lunch Review decided to go Italian today.  We made our way to the Brick Oven at Braker Lane and 183.  It was right around 11:45am or so and I was surprised to find a parking place close to the front.  As we walked inside one of ALR gang commented immediately on how great it smelled and it did!  That just made us even more ready for what was to come.

First, let me give some background info on the Brick Oven.  It’s been around Austin for more years than I can count now.  They specialize in thin crust pizza, Stromboli, calzones and pasta dishes.  For me, they are an Austin institution that has endured the test of time. 
Now on to lunch!
As stated at the beginning we were seated right away had a few minutes to look over the menu before the waiter came over.  We order drinks which were delivered promptly to the table and then order.
I’m a thin crust pizza fan therefore I ordered the large slice of pizza with lean ground beef and fresh garlic (two standard topping come on your slice) and salad (with the very wonderful parmesan peppercorn dressing) combo off the lunch menu.  First the salad, very fresh romaine lettuce with just the right amount of purple cabbage and carrots along with tomato and cucumber.  Now I’m not big on using all my dressing for the salad, one because I don’t like my salad soggy and two because I love to leave some for dunking my pizza crust in. 

Now for the pizza, as stated above I had the lean ground beef and fresh garlic.  I know what you’re saying, “I’m glad I wasn’t around her after she ate that garlic!”  Well, it didn’t matter because the garlic and beef combo on that wonderful thin crispy crust is a match made in heaven!  I eat my pizza backwards starting with the crust because in this case I’ve got the parmesan peppercorn dressing calling me to dunk the crust in it like a donut lover dunks their donut into their coffee.  Then it was on to the main event, the pizza itself.  Perfectly cooked with a tangy sauce and just the right amount of cheese on it so you know it’s there but it’s over powering the taste of the other ingredients.  Just look at it!!!  It’s flowing over the plate!  For the price of $7.95 you can’t beat the Brick Oven for overall taste, consistency and value.
Now, my lunch time companions also very much enjoyed their meals.  There was a roasted chicken sandwich, which by the way was two full size sandwiches and the other had lasagna.  First, the sandwich, as stated a very large portion for around $7.95 but came with nothing else, they might want to add chips as a side or offer a salad.  The waiter did ask my friend if he wanted the soup and sandwich combo but did not explain that that was a full size sandwich and soup.  When the meal arrived I think our eyes bugged out of heads at the portion.  Our other companion was somewhat envious of the portion size but was very happy with his lasagna and garlic bread.  Needless to say no one walked away from this lunch hungry by any means.  In fact, the very popular neutralizer was available but was passed over by all at the table.

All and all the Brick Oven is an excellent choice for your money, time and belly.

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