Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hat Creek Burger Co. @ Burnet

Even though, Hat Creek Burger Company is setup as a fast-food restaurant, it has several differentiators that make it rise above a normal burger chain. A board at the entrance gives a summary of the history of the business which started on a trailer somewhere at West 6th street in 2008. It has a clean, simple and neat appearance with an Ausnitn ambiance on the background that harmonizes with the expected Austinite flavor on that area at Burnet.

The first item that makes Hat Creek different from other similar places is the simplicity of the menu. They have beef, turkey or vegetarian burgers either Little Hat (single) or Big Hat (double). The praise themselves to serve Premium Gold Black Angus beef ALL NATURAL (no antibiotics and no hormones). During this visit, the group ordered as part of this "R&D duty” either Little Hat or Big Hat cheeseburgers combos. The difference is a 3.2oz extra patties added to the Big Hat option.

It was surprisingly pleasant to discover one of the best features that this place offers, which is free jalapenos and/or grilled onions that can be added to your burger. Just think about, how many times have you find a place that offers free jalapenos that can be added to your burger? Normally every other place will look to get $0.35 or even $0.50 extra for adding some to your order. This is a great plus that we commended and appreciate from Hat Creek.

The next surprise was the fries. There was no difference on the Little Hat versus the Big Hat orders. The amount of fries was the same. The amount of great, fresh and crispy fries that we got was plentiful and generous. They had just the perfect thickness, which was no too thick that tasted like bake potatoes or too thin that is just grease. In fact, the combos had an incredible price and value; in fact, my Little Hat Combo came right at my target of $6.00-$7.00 range for lunch.

We noticed that the dessert options were down to only shakes and malts. This was a little surprise because ice cream is not offered in scoops as an option so a "neutralizer" was missing. We'll be asking for some ice cream on a future visit to see if they are willing to stretch and offer a variation from the menu. After all, the Blue Bell ice cream is there at the freezer.

In summary, the burger was very good. It included the veggies that you should expect on a good burger plus the FREE jalapenos and FREE grilled onions that I requested on mine. The fries were excellent with a perfect crispiness which was above most of other places. Regarding the soft soda offerings and selections, they had my favorite one, Diet Dr. Pepper. It was a complete round that had a perfect size, flavor, selection and price.

Good job Hat Creek! You are definitively on the road to become one of our top selections and recommendations. We'll pay a visit later to see if the consistency and quality is there.

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