Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Amaya’s Taco Village @ I-35 and 290

Located close to the intersection of I-35 and 290, Amaya’s Taco Village offers Tex-Mex food. The place had some Mexican decoration but it misses to get a full environment. This makes the place very common and without flavor.

With respect to the food, ALR ordered a taco plate and the special of the day. The taco plate consisted of three beef tacos with beans and rice. The special of the day was grilled chicken with queso sauce with beans and rice. The tacos were the classic Tex-Mex taco with “hard” shells which in the case of Amaya’s, the shells are softer. The flavor of both options was Ok, it was just the standard Tex-Mex flavors that anyone should expect without launching them to a great level.
The cost of the special kept it below $7 plus tip making the overall value just Ok. Service was defective since the checks were mixed up with a different table and water was not refilled promptly during the time we were there.
Amaya’s is definitively a below average place that carries similar issues from other small Tex-Mex places that struggle to bring a better experience to the customer.

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