Monday, September 24, 2012

French Quarter Grille @ I-35 and Parmer

ALR decided to go for some New Orleans style food. At the Wal-Mart plaza at I-35 and Parmer, French Quarter Grille has his Austin location. We arrived around 11:45am and we were immediately seated. The place is pleasantly decorated and the overall environment was great. Our server immediately gave us the menu, took our drink order and brought some bread with a very tasty butter.
I decided to order the Shrimp Poboy Sandwich with the complete intention to compare them against other similar restaurants. Another friend ordered the Shrimp Bowl of Étouffée which was promised to be larger than the bread basket and indeed it was. Finally, another one ordered Catfish Étouffée which was a blackened catfish with Étouffée on top, served with vegetables and mashed potatoes.
As I said before, the butter that came with the bread was very tasty since it had herbs and garlic mixed on a creamy butter that melted on the bread. We finished the three pieces of soft small baguettes and after asking for another basket we got three more pieces. The food arrived on large plates and a very nice and good looking presentation.
My Poboy sandwich was great with soft bread, full of fried shrimp and full of flavor. The fries were incredible and they complemented perfectly the sandwich. The bowl of Étouffée as stated above was really a large bowl which even though it needed a little more spiced and spicy flavor, it was very good. Finally, the catfish plate was rated highly since the combination of fish, shrimp, vegetables, and mashed potatoes provided a balance lunch with a great taste.
Overall, we considered that for the amount of food, quantity and quality, the lunch was Right On. It is true that the lunch was in my case $11.85 with tax as well as the Bowl of Étouffée. The Catfish Étouffée was three dollars more but it was rated also Right On.
The place has a pleasant decoration with nice wall décor and New Orleans details. Finally, the service was definitively above average since we never ran out of our drinks and more than one server was ready to serve us at any time. In summary, we were very pleased with French Quarter Grille. It is definitively worth the extra cost since the lunch and place provided a great lunch today.

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