Monday, August 6, 2012

Man Bites Dog @ Burnet

It was explained to me that Man Bites Dog started out as a roadside business on wheels and now has two stores in Austin, one at 3005 South Lamar and one on North Burnet. 

The name alone makes you want to try this place out.  Purveyor of the gourmet hot dog, Man Bites Dog attempts to make a dining experience out of a mainstay in most American refrigerators for the past 60 years. 

And they do. 

This is not a regular dog with a mustard bead and a relish splash dressed in a dried out bun that you choked down in cubscout camp.  The meat is good sausage, the buns are bakery made, and the garnishes are blended to perfection for each menu item.  These dogs are all about balance and taste.

Menu items include choices for "Big Dogs", "Slim Dogs", sides, and a kids menu.  The dogs are of interest.  The menu is replete with catchy names and interesting flavor concepts like, "Abe Froman", "Reuben", "Buffalo Hottie", "Banh Mi Dog", "A Dog Named Sue" and - well you get the idea.  Let's look at some pictures.  

Tater tots and Fries are crispy and light.  Among others, the dogs above include the "Abe Froman" and the "Chile Cheese Dog". 

Did I mention they serve beer?  Including some Austin-made beers?  The beer selection is choice and is an unexpected plus, which emphasizes the Austin-spun roots of this business .  Unfortunately, sampling beer at lunch is not a smart maneuver for yours truly, but I see a Friday night stop for gourmet dogs and beer in my future. 

Man Bites Dog appears to have mastered the art of the simple.  The big hot dog with tater tots or Fries and a drink, for a bit under $10.  Have a beer with that Dog?  Sure.  The store at Burnet is clean, friendly, and simply appointed with seating space for about 30 patrons.  We found the service to be fast and friendly.  Take your friends, take your kids, take your significant other, but don't take it too seriously, this place is made for the fun of eating a great hot dog. 

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  1. Nice pictures...helps add detail to the review.


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