Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Phil's Ice House @ Burnet

We ate lunch on June 29 at Phil's Ice House. We decided on this place after stopping at Amy's Ice Cream few days before. They actually share the same location and they are side by side. We got there at 11:20am which was a perfect arrival because 20 minutes later the place was busy.

Each of us ordered a different hamburger which all of them were excellent. I personally liked the fresh bun and sweet potatoes fries. Jim went for the double meat size which had plenty beef for him. On the other hand, Orlando went for a single meat (very strange for him!) but with Jalapeno bun.

I think the soda selection was fair even though they were missing my favorite Diet Dr Pepper. The place was clean with a definitive Austin decor around the walls. By the time we were eating our food, the place was full with a lot of families and children. The fact that Amy's is right there with a playground makes this a perfect place for kids.

One of the main point that we'll review on all our outings is the availability of good ice cream which we refer as "neutralizer". After all, any good food can be properly settle with a good scoop of ice cream. In this case, we can safely say that Phil's Icehouse has perhaps the best neutralizer available by having Amy's Ice Cream right there.

Also, we have to give special recognition to the fact that the access to the place and getting out of it, it is very convenient. There is a traffic light right on the corner which allows to take Burnet without hassle to return back to work.

In summary, the food for a weekday lunch coming from the office and having a limited time was excellent. Cost was above my cheap budget of $6 but below Jim's budget of $12. Special mention to the fresh bun and sweet potatoes fries. The availability of neutralizer was superb. The Austinite ambiance was also excellent. 

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